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Dressing For Your Body Type

Since 1994, there has been a tremendous growth in the plus-size clothes market in Australia. Most of the primary department stores manufacture their own personal plus size brand ranges and there has been a rise in the number of individual boutiques offering plus size clothing.

Before we begin discussing the subject of dressing according to your body type it is helpful to understand what is meant by a plus-size in Australia. In Australia, a plus-size woman would possibly be buying clothing that starts from size 16. So what kind of clothes and styles are flattering on plus-size bodies? Which are the plus-size dresses currently trending in Australia?

When dressing for your body type, it is best to celebrate your shape and look for clothing that will accentuate your best assets. You need to start by knowing your proportions. This makes buying clothes a lot easier because you get an idea about what kind of pieces would suit your shape the most.

Not all plus-size women look the same. In fact, they might have very specific needs when it comes to buying clothes. Some might be top-heavy, while others might have a fuller lower body. The range of plus size clothing in New Zealand and Australia from Mela Purdie features beautiful and trendy casual clothing as well as formal dresses for women, and suits all plus shapes and sizes.

Generally speaking, if you are heavier on the top (apple shape), try and keep the focus away from the waist, shoulders and arms. Basically, you don't want to attract attention to your midriff area. Instead, focus on bust area and neck. You could do this by opting for v-neck dresses and tops. Avoid round-necks and turtlenecks. As far as the lower part of your body is concerned, pick flared pants instead of skinny or straight-leg ones. This will help to balance out the wide shoulders. When you wear bottoms that are right below the hipbone, you are able to drag the focus away from the midriff.

If you have a fuller bottom (pear shape) there are things you can do to make your bottom appear slimmer. Try wearing tops and dresses which enhance your shoulders but avoid tights or pants which have a narrowing effect on your legs. Instead, try wearing slightly flared or straight-leg pants with a pair of heels. Ankle hugging skinny pants will make the bottom look fuller than it is and pants with a lot of flare will possibly make you look bow-legged. Try waist-clinching full length or knee-length dresses as they draw the attention to your slimmer waist.

Here are some general shopping tips and dressing ideas for plus-size women in Australia:

• Printed maxi dresses are a huge fashion trend right now and look stunning on plus-sized women, especially when they choose the right print and shape of the dress. They go well for both casual and formal occasions and just need some delicate accessorising to enhance the overall look!

• Remember swing dresses? The peplum-shaped hem and an uneven silhouette help in balancing your figure while offering a sort of leg-lengthening effect. Also, try looking for swing dresses which have cap sleeves as well as shallow neckline. This helps in achieving a classy and sophisticated look.

• A simple and casual ensemble could be a pair of leggings paired with a stylish tunic. Again, uneven hems are a popular style statement right now. You could also opt for peplum style tunics in pretty colors.

• Darker shades add to the slimming effect. So if you're bottom heavy, try looking for dark-colored lowers. The opposite of this applies to top-heavy plus-sized women.

Mela Purdie plus size clothing has some stylish silhouettes for women including layered skirts, maxi dresses, palazzo tops, seamless leggings and a lot more. Just visit the Zebrano online store at www.zebrano.com.au to view their full Mela Purdie plus size clothing range to find clothing that suits your size, style and budget.

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